Precision Fabricators is embarking on their 24th year of manufacturing quality golf car parts and accessories. Attention to detail, superior customer service and a progressive philosophy has solidified Precision Fabricators as a leader in the Golf Car Industry.

We boast one of the largest aftermarket golf car accessory product lines available today. From our very popular Rear Seat and Utility Bed Kits to our EMT Bodies and Passenger Trams, chances are we have the product to satisfy your need. Furthermore, we specialize in custom fabrication, allowing us to tailor to exactly what you or your customer wants.

Our goal is to empower our dealers by supplying high-quality golf car accessories and providing superior customer service. We achieve these standards by offering our products at a low price and then discounting them even further based on quantities ordered. We then utilize possibly the best freight rates in the industry to ship our products to you, or directly to your customer, providing even additional savings. Finally, we stand behind our products and exploit any means necessary to ensure you and your customer receive precisely what you ordered.

Precision Fabricators is continually looking towards the future and operating “outside the box”. We promise to relentlessly improve and increase our product line by tracking industry changes and listening to our customers. We greatly appreciate the patronage of our dealers and graciously welcome new dealers with open arms. Precision Fabricators looks forward to serving you in the future.